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Mad Bookie Player Bets

Our friends at Mad Bookie just keep innovating!  They have now come up with a new system called Player Bets!  Check out their explanation video below for a detailed guide to how this awesome new product works.

The next evolution in sports betting is here!

For the first time in betting history, a bookie will be providing you, the punter, with the opportunity to really ‘?build your own bet’ on any player market.

Mad Bookie’s Player Bets allows a level of betting personalisation and customisation never seen anywhere else in the online wagering space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Are singles paid as a winner if the player hits exactly their target?
A: Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target.  For example, if you have a player to have 3 or more goals, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player kicks 3 goals.

Q: What happens in a Head to Head in the event of a tie?
A: Head to Head bets are non-winners in the event of a tie because the bet condition is for player A to have more than player B. Your sekected player must exceed the other player in order for the bet to win.  There is no return for a tie. For example, if both players have 25 disposals, your bet will have no return.

Q: Can I multi these bets?
A: Not just yet – however, this will be available soon!

Q: Can I use bonus bets?
A: No, real money only bets.

Q: Where does the data come from?
A: We only use official Champion Data statistics.

Q: When will bets be resulted?
A: Within 30 minutes from the conclusion of each match.

See below for some help on using Mad Bookie Player Bets!

Select one of the available sports: NRL, AFL or NBA. Then, above the list of players available, you can either search for a particular player or select from a list of upcoming matches.

player1 Mad Bookie Player Bets

For this example, we have used the search function to find MATT PRIDDIS of the West Coast Eagles. Next, choose a statistic such as disposals, tackles or goals. We will select DISPOSALS. Once you have selected your statistic, you will be betting on the player to get at least __ of the stat of your choice. We will choose Priddis to gather at least 31 disposals against Gold Coast.

player2 Mad Bookie Player Bets

As you can see, the system has offered us odds of 2.05 for at least 31 disposals. This is where you truly have the power: if you are after greater odds, try at least 32 disposals for 2.29, or how about at least 37 disposals for a whopping price of 5.59? Whatever you choose, make sure you click Add to bet slip and then enter and confirm your stake in the bet slip.

player3 Mad Bookie Player Bets

You can also create player head-to-heads for the statistic of your choice by clicking the HEAD TO HEAD button as seen below. You may choose two players either by searching or by selecting from the list of matches.

player4 Mad Bookie Player Bets

You will be betting on the first player you select to outscore the second player you select in the stat of your choice. For the example below, we have selected Lance Franklin to kick more goals than Jesse Hogan at the odds of 1.80. Of course, there are reasonable limitations on the head-to-head matchups you can create ? you won?t be able to bet on Franklin to kick more goals than Heath Shaw!

player5 Mad Bookie Player Bets

The power is in your hands!