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ladbrokes-header Ladbrokes Card Review - Get Your Ladbrokes ATM Card Today!

Ladbrokes Card – Access your winnings any time, any place

Starting today you can now get your winning bets from Ladbrokes paid out to you instantly at any ATM anywhere in the country or at any store where you can get cash back with your purchases.

That’s it. There is no waiting around days for your funds to clear. You back the Melbourne Cup winner for example, and your winnings are in your account as soon as the race is run. You can go straight to the nearest ATM and get your cash immediately. So you can then go to the next bar and celebrate.

ladbrokes-card-2016 Ladbrokes Card Review - Get Your Ladbrokes ATM Card Today!

All you need is a Ladbrokes Eftpos Card which any member of Ladbrokes can get. It’s so easy. You just go online and log in to the My Account section and click on Ladbrokes Card. Your card will arrive in 7 – 10 days. You then simply go to My Account again and activate your card and you’re done. As soon as you win, the funds are transferred from your Ladbrokes Wagering Account instantly and you can withdraw cash straight away. It couldn’t be simpler. It’s your cash, so you spend it how you choose.

It also works the other way around: you can transfer funds from your card back into your Ladbrokes wagering account if you want to place another bet.

It’s not a credit card, but it works in the same way as your debit card, except that it is directly connected to your Ladbrokes account.

As Ladbrokes say: “Every ATM in Australia is now simply a machine for paying out to Ladbrokes punters. Very hasty! Very tasty!”

It is really simple to activate your Ladbrokes Card when it arrives. It will come with an activation code as well as your PIN and part B of the PDS. The activation code is at the top of the letter. Go to the Ladbrokes Card section in My Account and type in the activation code in the box at the right. Click on Activate, and you’re done.

You can’t change your PIN so you will need to remember it. If you forget it, Ladbrokes will cancel your card and issue you with a new one. The same thing applies if you should lose your card, but remember to tell Ladbrokes immediately so that they can cancel it.

If you want to check on your statement you can log in to My Account where you can view your last ten transactions. If you want to view more than ten you log in using your card number and PIN. You can also view your statement using the Labrokes mobile app from your phone. If you want to view your full statement history please visit on a desktop computer and log in using your Card Number and PIN.

You can use your Ladbrokes Card at any ATM or anywhere that EFTPOS cards are accepted in Australia (subject to the merchant’s discretion of course). You can also withdraw cash at POS, again subject to availability and the merchant’s discretion.

There are no fees charged whatsoever, so you get your winnings in total. However, the operator of the ATM may charge a fee and if this is the case it will be charged on top of the amount that you withdraw. The ATM will tell you at the time you make the transaction if there is a fee, so if there is a charge of, say, $2.50 and you withdraw $100 your card will be charged $102.50.

The Ladbrokes Card is a really great idea. Suppose you see something in a shop that’s a special offer that you’d like to buy for your girlfriend or boyfriend, but you don’t have the cash. You can place a bet using your Ladbrokes account, watch your horse win, and then go straight back to the shop to buy it!

You can withdraw all your cleared funds using your Ladbrokes Card subject to certain maximum transactions in any one day. If you go to My Account the withdrawal page shows your betting account balance, which is funds available with which to bet, and the balance that you can withdraw, which is cleared funds.

One thing you should note is that you cannot use your Ladbrokes Card to make purchases online or by telephone. The card has to be swiped and your PIN entered, so you can only use it for personal transactions.

If you want to transfer funds from your Ladbrokes Card account to your wagering account you go to My Account, then to the Deposit area and choose Ladbrokes Card as the payment method. You will need to authorise the transaction with a single use SMS code which is sent to your mobile phone, so you need a mobile which has SMS capability.

The minimum load to your Ladbrokes Card is $20.00 and the maximum is $5,000.00. You can make up to ten transactions at an ATM in any one day and draw up to $1,000 per day. (Lower limits may be set by the ATM operator). You can also make ten eftpos POS transactions in any one day to a maximum value of $2,500.00 in any one day.

But why join Ladbrokes?

If you’re not already a member of Ladbrokes, you should be. You can bet on over 9,000 different markets including international events. There are promotions and special offers every week on Racing, A-League cricket and much more. There are daily free bets where you can choose a runner to place in harness, thoroughbred or greyhound races and have an opportunity to win up to $1,000.00 in free bets every day!

You can even choose which odds you’d like. By selecting the margin of your horse winning you can get better odds. You can also back the whole field and increase your chances of winning against the favourite.

In addition, Ladbrokes pays out the highest odds by selecting from the main Australian official totes, or the starting price, whichever is the better. Fixed odds are also offered on a wide range of market, together with all Australian racing.

All this, and now the Ladbrokes Card as well!

Get yours now by going to Do it now, while you think about it.

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