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eSports Betting and Bonus Bets

respawn-logo eSports BettingeSports Betting is taking the world by storm.

eSports, known as e-sports, competitive video gaming, professional video gaming, pro-gaming or electronic sports is a form of competition that takes place completely in a virtual world. The athletes compete in a number of extremely popular and competitive computer games. This is a massive and well established industry overseas with a lot of money being thrown around for the players. There has even recently been talk of eSport’s merits in becoming an Olympic Sport.

eSports Betting allows fans of these popular games (such as, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm) to place bets on their favourite player or team in their competition.

With the amount of interest in eSports Betting, Sportsbet have started Respawn which is a completely free online eSports Betting Hub. With a free Respawn account you can browse live stats and odds on each match in tournaments all whilst watching the fastest live stream of the event!

Not only can you watch the biggest tournaments for free on Sportsbet Respawn, you can get some of the best odds in Australia on all the major tournaments.

eSports Betting FAQ

There are of course going to be questions you have in your mind when thinking about eSports Betting. Check out some of the frequently asked questions we have addressed below.

Do I really need a Sportsbet account to view the eSports live stream?
Yes – you will need to create a free account. It’s very quick and easy to sign-up. If you already have a Sportsbet account though you can just use that to login. If you wish to create a Sportsbet account click here (you may also be eligible for an eSports Bonus Bet up to $501).

sportsbet-501-bonus-bet eSports Betting

When to odds open for an eSports betting match?
Odds should be updated 24 to 48 hours before the match starts. However, this can change depending on the event so make sure to check back often to get the best odds.

Do you offer separate streams to concurrent events?
Unfortunately at this time no. This may be something we implement in the future – Respawn is still in it’s infancy so will be improving all the time!

respawn-screenshot-300x149 eSports BettingWhat regulations are around these eSports Betting matches? How do I know I’m not betting on a fixed match?
Sportsbet actively monitors matches to make sure there is no funny business going on – if something seems off, they will without a doubt look after their bettors in the form of a refund etc. However, eSports betting is huge industry and there are heaps of regulations around the tournaments to ensure all matches and played fairly with any corruption or fraud being rooted out.

Stream delay
The stream is delayed around 30 seconds. Not too shabby!

How do I actually place a bet?
Good question. Check out this quick 1 minute video from Sportsbet which tells you exactly what you need to do.

Benefits of using Sportsbet Respawn

  • Free – Sportsbet Respawn is free for all registered Sportsbet members (click here to join now).
  • Fast – Fastest stream in Australia (faster than Twitch!)
  • Stats – Get detailed team, player, and match stats all in real time.
  • Odds – See the match and event odds update as you watch the match.
  • Sync – Add all of the upcoming eSports betting events into your calendar so you never miss a match!

$501 eSports Betting Bonus Bet

Whether you are into CSGO Gambling, LOL eSports, DOTA 2 Bets, or other games – you will love the $501 eSports bonus bet offer from Sportsbet.

sportsbet-501 eSports Betting

Sportsbet $501* Sign Up Bonus Bet

Join Sportsbet Today for a bonus bet up to $501*. Sportsbet will match your 1st bet up to $501, deposit and bet $501 or more and Sportsbet will credit your account with a $501 bonus bet.

  • Sportsbet $501* Sign up Bonus Bet, click here to join now.
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How to join Sportsbet and claim your $501* Bonus Bet

  1. Click here to sign up to Sportsbet, make your 1st bet up to $501 or more if you wish to claim the full bonus bet.
  2. Your matched bet bonus bet will be credited to your account immediately, if for any reason it is not please contact Sportsbet support via phone, live chat, or email.
  3. Please note that this matched bet bonus of $501* is not available to residents of SA, NSW, VIC, and WA due to gaming regulations – however, punters from these states are more than welcome to sign up to Sportsbet and take advantage of their generous weekly betting promotions, please read all terms and conditions before betting.

sportsbet-join-now eSports Betting

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Other bookies that offer eSports Betting

Sportsbet aren’t the only bookmaker that offer eSports betting (they are just the only one with Respawn!), check out our other bookies who all offer the ability to bet on eSports.

Bonus eligibility - please read
This sign up bonus is not available to residents of SA, NSW, VIC, and WA due to regulations imposed by each states gaming regulator, we apologise for any inconvenience this causes.